What I do is a physical and spiritual activity. I have dedicated my whole life with tenacity to this endeavor. It is an act of drawing on a part of my subconscious. At first glance, my work may appear conventional. It is a reaction to ‘art’ that appears to be novel, shallow or clever. I produce works of art, that are in fact hiding forces that plugs us to an inner connection to nature.
 My landscape paintings are rooted in abstract forms, secrets, symbols and verve. Symbols mean what we want them to mean. The powers of symbolic forms have transformed cultures and our world countless of times and have helped humans’ rationalize our place in the universe.
It is a way to “cry out” and make a statement about man’s place in our Universe.
For the last couple of years, I've used two panel paintings, perhaps, symbolizing the inside of one’s self. The two sides of the brain, the intellect side and the feeling side, when combined achieve an outside self, a whole vision, or balance.
​These painting are intended to fit together. The interacting works are meant to move or be switched about to form more than one composition revealing something new each time. My paintings use many layers of lines. They are ambiguous, and are subject to change in meaning. Go into your head and listen to your heart, feel and interpret what you want. With luck, the art will reveal different feelings and meanings for you each and every time.



Garden Series